oneTank is a simple, inexpensive ballast water treatment system. It is intended for vessels that do not require a complex, high capacity treatment system. These include: 

  • Vessels with a small number of ballast tanks 
  • Tank ships with aftpeak ballast tanks
  • Inland waterways vessels
  • Vessels that treat ballast water in small volumes 
  • Vessels that treat ballast water infrequently

The oneTank ballast water management system was developed to provide these vessels with the simplest and most economical solution for meeting global and US commercial shipping regulations for the prevention of invasive species.

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oneTank is a spinoff of Glosten, a global leader in maritime engineering and consulting.  

oneTank was conceived by Glosten engineers who have worked on ballast water treatment problems since 2001 and recognized that many operators have needs that are not being met by existing product offerings.  The core oneTank team is supported by a Glosten staff of 100 associates located in Seattle, WA and Providence, RI.

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